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Common Conversations #throughglass2015.12.31
Angular and Python Are Marketing Wrong2015.05.16
#ios2weekchallenge Initial Thoughts2014.10.25
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Create Your Own Mobile App Privacy Policy2014.06.08
Chrome Cordova Apps - cca create bug2014.05.30
Glass World Problems2014.05.04
Factorio Game Review - 8/102014.05.03
Google Camera & Lens Blur: The Future of Photography2014.05.02
Top 10 Predictions for Google IO 20142014.05.01
A Year of Android Studio2014.04.30
Getting Started with Chrome Cordova Apps (Chrome Mobile Apps)2014.04.28
[Solved] Chrome Cordova Apps (cca) stuck on version 0.0.82014.04.26
Pricing Comparison for Online Grocery Stores - AKA Coborn's Prices Suck2014.01.05
On Weather - The State of Digital Information Access2013.09.17
Guest Gaming News - Dragonplay Poker Makes it to Facebook’s Mobile Games Publishing Pilot Program 2013.08.07
Walled Garden or Desert? The story of the Miracast failure2013.07.15
Photospheres Begin to Penetrate the Internet2013.05.03
Constant Revision Is The Only Way - GoPro's Failure2013.03.30
Google Fails to Deliver Again With Google IO 20132013.03.13
New MortalPowers Look Launched2013.02.10
Coinbase Is A Viable Entrypoint For New Bitcoin Users2013.02.09
Google Needs to Open Google Maps To Windows Phone To Keep Promise2013.01.05
Start Coding in 20132013.01.03
Canonical Announces Ubuntu For Phones2013.01.02
Ingress Is An Awesome Game That Can Get You Arrested2012.12.31
How To Be a Hacker2012.12.30
Debugging Help: S11-FLEX HD Won't Select A2DP Profile2012.12.29
The Next Frontier for Browsers in 20132012.12.28
Path Shutting Down Operations2012.12.28
Why I Haven't Bought a Nexus 42012.12.27
Android 4.2 Fails With Miracast2012.12.20
Android Google Play Error rpc:s-5:aec-02012.12.05
Google Needs to Move Faster With Android2012.11.29
Android 4.2 Causes Woes and Problems for Users2012.11.26
Tales From The Surface Part 12012.11.01
Nexus Q App Intended for Gingerbread (2.3) and Above2012.07.23
The Bank of Tomorrow2012.07.17
Google IO 2012 Was Fun2012.07.10
Microsoft Surface Gets The Basics Right2012.06.18
The Best Cross-Platform G+, Facebook, Twitter Tool2012.04.19
Make your website more SPDY2012.04.18
Galaxy S II BlackEdition Troubles2012.04.17
Cross Platform Application Development For Linux and Android2012.03.31
Upgrade Samsung Galaxy SII T-Mobile (SGS-T989) to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich2012.03.29
Quick and Dirty Mobile Optimizations2012.03.20
Download YouTube or Other Flash Videos in Linux2012.03.19
The New iPad Reviewed in 60 Seconds2012.03.18
HexSLayer Release Updates2012.03.15
Localize Ubuntu Installs To Your Timezone2012.03.14
Retro-Gaming Made Easy on Android2012.03.13
The State of the Android - Top Things You Should Know2012.03.12
Google IO Gift List 2012 - What's coming?2012.02.17
MortalPowers - A Time For Change2012.02.17
Heroes of Newerth Linux Boot Loop2012.02.11
Chrome for Android Released2012.02.07
T-Mobile Vibrant Revitalized with Ice Cream Sandwich2012.02.06
Do you love chew? A Tale of Browser Hacking2012.02.05
Stop SOPA and PIPA2012.01.18
HexSLayer on Github2012.01.04
When Additional Features are Donors-Only2012.01.03
Android Market Publisher Shows Fuzzy Statistics for HexSLayer2012.01.02
HexSLayer for Android Public Release2012.01.01
Git Error "couldn't find remote ref master"2011.11.02
Increase the Security of Your Google Account with Two Factor Authentication2011.11.01
ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S II - T-Mobile SGS-T9892011.10.30
How to Run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in an Emulator2011.10.18
Human Element: Where Did CM7.1 Nightlies Go?2011.09.10
5 Things I Learned Today2011.09.09
Minecraft 1.8 Pre Release Leak Mirror and Thoughts2011.09.09
Top 5 Nightlies Safe to Run Daily2011.09.08
60 Days With A Galaxy Tab2011.09.07
Chromium Experiments with Fresh New Tab Layout2011.08.18
Optimize PNG images with OptiPNG2011.08.17
Master the Art of SSH Tunneling and Forwarding2011.08.16
Logitech Revue will Break your Google TV2011.08.08
Minecraft Map Sharing2011.08.01
Multiple APK Management in Android Developer Console2011.07.31
Installing the Android SDK and Add the Android Tools To Your Path2011.07.30
Software Review: Subsonic Media Server2011.07.29
Advancing Technology Makes Rooting Android Much Easier2011.06.18
ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S - Vibrant - An Extremely Dangerous Journey2011.05.13
Simple Android Tips from Google IO2011.05.10
SuperOneClick Can Root Your Vibrant With Froyo2011.04.30
The Wait Is Over: Froyo on Vibrant2011.01.23
Web Development Tool: GZIP Detector2011.01.04
How To: Increase Session Time for PHP and Apache2011.01.03
My First 2011 Predictions - The App Store Revolution2011.01.02
Software Review: Thoggen2011.01.01
Movies I Watched in 20102010.12.31
An Exploration in Futility: Minecraft2010.12.26
Update for Reddit Imager2010.12.23
Backup Minecraft maps on Linux2010.10.14
YouTube Freedom Version 32010.10.11
YouTube Freedom Version 22010.08.26
Copy Paste Instructions for ffmpeg2010.08.15
Video Tag Fixed in Chromium Nightlies2010.08.08
X Forwarding over Multiple SSH Hops2010.08.07
The Wave is Over2010.08.04
Apache Setup Problem: Getting Multiple Authentication Prompts2010.08.02
How I Make Tough Website Decisions2010.08.01
Video Tag Broken in Chromium Nightlies2010.07.31
Dell Fully Drops Ubuntu2010.07.26
Dell Makes Awesome Ubuntu Commercial - And doesn't show anyone2010.07.25
I just bought a Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S)2010.07.24
Upgrading my phone from CyanogenMod 6.0 RC1 (Froyo) to CyanogenMod 5.0.8 (Eclair)2010.07.21
Connect Multiple Screens with x2vnc2010.07.19
Example Virtual Host Apache Configuration2010.07.14
Fixit: Cyanogen ROM Manager for G1 Broke Recovery Partition2010.07.13
Video Gallery now on separate pages2010.07.12
Be Careful with CyanogenMod 6.0 RC1's Rom Manager2010.07.11
HTML Floats Being Affected by Grandparent Elements2010.06.22
iPad Frustrations (or how I learned to stop worrying and love Android)2010.06.21
MortalPowers Now Uses OpenID2010.06.17
New Features for Reddit Imager2010.06.16
Shotwell Replaces F-Spot in Ubuntu and Trashes your Collection2010.06.15
New Spam Capabilties for MortalPowers2010.06.14
New Ogg Theora Videos in HTML5 Video Gallery2010.06.13
Humble Indie Bundle Open Source Update2010.06.03
New Webmaster Tool: GZIP Detector2010.06.02
Building Quality Organic Backlinks2010.06.01
Notify Users Before Leaving a Page with Javascript2010.05.31
Google Scans Javascript for URLs2010.05.30
Updated Logo and Favicon2010.05.29
Android Lacks Ogg Theora/Vorbis HTML5 video2010.05.28
HTML5 Video Gallery - Part 22010.05.27
Download YouTube Videos in Linux2010.05.22
Some Humor in Android - Froyo's API2010.05.21
Hoping for ffmpeg2webm2010.05.20
Google IO Keynote 2 Notes2010.05.20
Google Announces WebM2010.05.19
More Fun with 3D Architecture2010.05.15
Recent 3D House Rendering2010.05.12
My Geek Life Part 012010.05.10
The Two Best Analytics Tools2010.05.07
Server Hardening Checkup with Nitko2010.05.06
Support Linux and Independent Game Developers with the Humble Indie Bundle2010.05.05
Rally Racer Very Initial Gameplay Video2010.05.04
New Multiplayer Android Game: RallyRacer2010.05.03
Don't use the Google Chrome Extension Gallery2010.04.24
Chrome Extension Development: Illegal Access related to JSON and localStorage2010.04.22
Announcing: CSS Destyler2010.04.21
Latest news in HTML52010.04.20
Chromium First Browser to Add Extended Sync2010.04.18
F-Spot Configuration File Locations2010.04.07
Browsers on Linux - Talk Finished2010.03.30
Browsers On Linux2010.03.18
No Namespaces in HTML52010.03.17
Guide for Moving to New Linux Distribution2010.03.16
Recent Gitosis Web Work2010.03.15
Happy Pi Day2010.03.14
Google blackhat browser techniques2010.03.04
HTML5 Video Player for All Browsers2010.03.03
Problem with Vuze - failure on startup2010.03.02
Speed up Git Clone with Shallow Clones2010.03.01
Basic Ubuntu Network Hardening2010.02.27
New Project: Gitosis Web2010.02.21
Easy website deployment and tracking with Git2010.02.19
Error: plasma desktop has no installation candidate2010.02.17
File Menu Missing in Dolphin2010.02.11
Google Releases new Communication Tool: Google Buzz2010.02.10
AutoPano Pro and Giga Font Problems2010.02.06
Upcoming talk on Linux Browsers2010.02.05
Video File Thumbnail Previews in Dolphin2010.01.31
New Analytics Feature: Adsense Integration2010.01.30
KDE 4.4 Rocks Part 1 and other thoughts on Lucid Lynx alpha 22010.01.29
Abandon Internet Explorer2010.01.28
Install Firefox 3.6 in Ubuntu2010.01.27
Designing HTML for Mobile (Android and iPhone)2010.01.26
Fixing DenyHosts after being blocked2010.01.25
Chromium: The best browser on Linux2010.01.24
General Improvements to mortalpowers.com2010.01.23
New Photography Coming2010.01.22
Convert Apache Certificate for Courier2010.01.21
Restart Ubuntu faster with kexec2010.01.20
VirtualBox Error - Callee RC: NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED (0x80040154) 2010.01.19
Canonical URLs for Search Engines2010.01.18
Sparse Files2010.01.17
Use KDirStat to clean up disk space in Ubuntu2010.01.16
Continuing the PulseAudio battle2010.01.15
HexSLayer Launch!2010.01.09
Increase the speed of package updates, dist-upgrades, and release-upgrades2010.01.07
PulseAudio crackles continuously in Ubuntu2010.01.04
New Feature: Latest Commits2009.12.22
Change Author of Git Repository2009.12.16
Chromium Bookmark Sync2009.12.11
Media Servers Aren't Easy - plus Moovida Install Tips2009.12.05
The Dark Knight DVD doesn't work in Linux2009.11.29
Important Google Wave Extension Development Note: Don't use booleans2009.11.10
Quick Fix: Buttons stay depressed in Eclipse (and other GTK applications) under Karmic with KDE2009.11.09
Quick Fix: Compositing Works fine but Disables on Startup Every Time2009.11.08
Software wants to be free2009.11.05
Leave a voice message for me2009.11.03
Convert ISO file to VirtualBox Hard Drive (VDI)2009.11.02
HowTo: Get rid of GTK Sounds in KDE2009.11.01
November Projects2009.10.31
Encrypted Filesystems Ubuntu2009.10.24
Success with CyanogenMod2009.10.23
Grabbing DV Video from Camcorder over Firewire2009.10.22
My First Experience with Cyanogen Mod2009.10.11
We asked a juggler to sculpt a Narwhal at the MN Renaissance Festival last weekend2009.10.09
Helpful tips to upgrade Ubuntu from Jaunty 9.04 to Karmic 9.102009.10.03
Copy cache videos from Chrome/Chromium on Linux2009.10.01
New HTML Link Tag2009.07.22
HTML5 Video Tag only works with audio rate of 44100Hz2009.07.11
HTML5 Audio and Video Tags Spotted Live2009.07.10
HTML5 Video Gallery - Part 12009.07.09
VLC 1.0 Released2009.07.08
HTML5 Video Library2009.07.07
Sending CTRL + ALT + Del with rdesktop2009.06.18
Capture Single Frame from Webcam at the CommandLine2009.06.17
Time-Lapsed Web Development2009.06.16
HTML5 Video in Firefox 3.5/3.62009.06.15
How To: Get current layout object on Android2009.06.14
Resize Images with ImageMagick from PHP2009.06.12
Android Development Error: incorrect AVA format2009.06.08
Focus On: Nanowar2009.06.07
Chrome 20.7x as fast as Firefox on Linux2009.06.06
Pidgin Configuration Files under Ubuntu2009.05.25
Debugging Issue Process2009.05.22
Autosave Feature Coming Soon2009.05.21
Media Server Project2009.05.20
Division of Presentation and Logic2009.05.15
Focus On: F-Spot2009.05.13
Amarok Volume no longer controlled by volume buttons2009.05.06
Jaunty Jackalope and the Cure-All2009.04.27
Source Code for Thumbnail Generation with Caching and Watermarking2009.04.17
ActionScript Advice - setTextFormat doesn't apply2009.04.16
How to NOT destroy a RAID array2009.04.15
Globulation Beta 4 Packages2009.04.14
[Solved] Fix repository location of working copy (svn: path is not a working copy)2009.04.13
[Solved] Red Checkers in VLC under KDE2009.04.12
Linux is for girls!2009.04.11
Tagging coming to MortalPowers2009.04.10
New Raid Array using mdadm2009.04.09
New Workflow for remote PHP Editing2009.04.08
APT Error: Package Download Failed - Wrong CD-ROM2009.03.25
Assorted jMemorize Lessons2009.03.24
Focus On: jMemorize2009.03.23
Follow up to Dual Monitors on Ubuntu2009.03.19
Fibonacci Calculator in Python2009.03.17
How To get Dual Monitors in Ubuntu with NVidia2009.03.16
Fix speaker and headphone sync for Ubuntu ALSA and snd-hda-intel2009.03.15
Focus On: Elmer the Naive AI2009.03.14
Add Windows keyboard shortcuts to KDE2009.03.13
How to leverage open source content management systems beyond their original purpose2009.03.07
Creating a LAMP with Ubuntu2009.03.06
Error: No suitable module for running kernel found - VirtualBox under Ubuntu [Solved]2009.03.04
Using the right programming tools2009.03.03
Getting started with Greasemonkey2009.02.26
Underappreciated Free Games2009.02.23
UT3 Linux and General Unreal Tournament Disappointment2009.02.22
The perfect subversion setup with linux authentication and svn+ssh2009.02.21
Strange Amarok 1.4.10 Behavior2009.02.20
Banking in a Tough Economy2009.02.18
Clean up your unneeded packages2009.02.17
My Desktop Environment2009.02.16
Using KDE 4.22009.02.15
You know you have been using Linux too much2008.06.06
Firefox 3b2 Not ACID 2 Compliance2008.01.02
Dyanamic Subdomain Using Apache2007.12.09
New Tutorials2007.11.20
Financial Ability2007.07.18
Open Source Corruption2007.06.23
Logic and Emotion2007.06.04
New Computer2007.05.12
The Networked and Shared Life2007.05.03
Dual Booting FreeBSD and Windows2007.04.28
Open Source Email Client2007.04.26
Strange Messages2007.04.23
Bayes and Probability2007.04.22
Instantatneous Universal Communication2005.11.13
Flying Spaghetti Monster2005.10.05
Energy Consumption2005.07.20
Religious Fanaticism2005.07.18
Operating Systems2005.05.02
Intelligent Design2005.05.01
The Act of Balancing2004.11.14
Software Patents2004.11.13
Global Warming2004.11.11
Artificial Intelligence2004.08.23
Wage Determination2004.05.13
Government Conspiracies2004.05.12
Remedial / Advanced Help2004.05.11
Why Philosophy?2004.05.05
Immorality in the Churches2004.04.03
Analysis of Physics2004.03.27
Cults and Religions2004.03.17
Work, Reward, and The Economy2004.03.07
Relativity of Time2004.03.01
Incentive Based Living2004.02.05
American Presidency2004.01.23
Social Class and Equality2004.01.04
Un Arbre de noel2004.01.02
Rene Descartes2003.12.30
Self Analysis2003.12.24
Genetic Engineering2003.11.11
Behavioral Issues2003.11.09
Matrix Revolution2003.11.06
Friedrich Nietzsche2003.11.05
Being Unique2003.11.04
Happy Haloween!2003.10.31
The Future of Education2003.10.28
Your Own Adventure2003.10.26
In Defense of Video Games2003.10.22
Self and Similarity2003.10.20
The Purpose of Life2003.10.19
IT Industry Future2003.09.30
Drug Dependency Revisited2003.09.17
Another URL Update2003.09.08
Political Perfection2003.08.28
Technology Standards2003.07.28
Drug Dependency2003.07.24
P2P Filesharing Conspiracy2003.07.23
New Domain Name2003.07.22
The Friendly Protester2003.07.22