Announcing: CSS Destyler

by Stephen Fluin 2010.04.21

When browsing web pages, one of the biggest strengths of the current state of HTML is the ability to style web pages using CSS. Sometimes web authors take things too far and end up making their content less useful, and harder to use and read. In order to respond to this, I have created a CSS Destyler that works by matching against a list of URLs and then removing the stylesheets from the page if it matches.

This project is a Chrome/Chromium extension, and should work for anyone. I built it in about two hours this evening (whilst learning the messaging protocol between content scripts, background pages, and option pages). It's not very polished, but it gets the job done.

Installing and using the CSS Destyler

You can either build it yourself from the CSS Destyler GitHub home, or download it from the Google Chrome extension library, where I'm hoping to upload it soon.

After you have installed the extension, click on the options page and add a couple of URLs. Any URL you visit that matches one of the strings you provided will then be Destyled for as long as you have the extension.

The future

In the future, I want to add a PageAction icon at the top so that people can add the current page they are on to the list of urls to destyle. I also want to clean up the current icon, and add the ability to delete items from the options page.