Updated Logo and Favicon

by Stephen Fluin 2010.05.29

After having the same logo and favicon for the past few years, I decided it was time for a refresh from .gif to .png. To recreate the image, I wanted to find the original font. Having done several OS reinstalls (and switching to Linux), finding the original font was no easy matter. I browsed dafont.com, identifont.com, and a couple other sites. After hours of describing the font, searching for it, uploading case files for "font geeks" to identify, I remembered the original source. The font was originally assocaited with the Mindless Self Indulgence album Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy. MSI's website no longer links to their forum, but a quick google of their site and a couple of searches later identified the font as Westminster. More google searches had a .ttf file I could install with KDE's System Settings, and then it was a simple matter of building a new logo and a new favicon with Inkscape (For high quality vector-based rendering), exported to .png.

I decided to make the favicon a PNG because PNGs support transparency very well (even though I'm not using it now), and I made the icon 64x64. Typical favicons are only 16x16, but I can definitely see a future where additional resolution is allowed for favicons.