New Features for Reddit Imager

by Stephen Fluin 2010.06.16

One of the most common reasons to build a tool for an open source developer is when the developer him or herself wants the tool. This is the case with Reddit Imager, a tool designed to improve Reddit. The concept is simple, whenever there is a URL or image format we recognize (very few right now), replace the tiny thumbnail with the blown up version, maximized to the screen width. I launched this extension on the Chrome Extension Gallery because I wanted to try out the gallery at least once, despite my dislike of giving Google control. Now the extension has a couple users, and I want to make sure they get the features and capabilities they want.

What's new in 1.1?

Reddit Imager 1.1 released today adds an options page where users can specify their mode. Normal mode automatically replaces matching thumbnails with their blown up versions. I also added activated mode, which waits for a user to try to click on the thumbnail before blowing it up. I find this feature a little confusing because there are very few thumbnails we are actually capable of blowing up, but it was requested and I wanted to try it out.

Let me know if you think I should switch default modes, add other options, or add some type of visual indicator for which images can be blown up on the home page.

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