SuperOneClick Can Root Your Vibrant With Froyo

by Stephen Fluin 2011.04.30

I was extremely frustrated by the fact that installing Froyo on my Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) removed the root of my system. Unfortunately when I did the install, it also broke compatiblity with the existing rooting tools. The good news is that there is a new way to root your Vibrant with Froyo using a tool called SuperOneClick.


SuperOneClick is a tool that leverages .NET, so you will need a good Mono install if you are on Linux. I actually recommend borrowing a Windows machine for a smoother experience in rooting your device. SuperOneClick was developped by the XDA Community. It may trigger virus scanners because technically it includes a "fork bomb" designed to hack into Android devices, and I make no warranties that someone hasn't done something malicious, but at the very least, this piece of software successfully rooted my device.

Root your Phone

The following steps should quickly re-root your phone. This works with many different Android devices, and it was the first tool I have found to root The Samsung Galaxy S after the Froyo update.

  1. Download SuperOneClick 1.9.1 (there may be newer versions since posting, see XDA).
  2. Unzip the archive and run the application.
  3. Connect your phone and make sure Debug is On. You can change this in the settings.
  4. Click on "Root" in SuperOneClick
  5. You are done!

What to do with Root

Besides installing a custom rom (of which there are no good ones yet for the Samsung Vibrant), I typically recommend you install Titanium Backup, it will backup all of your applications and data. This even includes System applications, which is amazing because there is no other way to backup or migrate that data.