HTML5 Video Gallery - Part 2

by Stephen Fluin 2010.05.27

Back in 2009 I started working on an HTML5 Video Gallery. At this point I'm comfortable launching this for a public beta. Check out the videos people have uploaded in the HTML5 Video Gallery, or upload your own to the gallery. You will need to register before being able to upload videos.

Register and then login using your chosen username and password, give a name to your video, and then select it from your hard disk. The video will start uploading immediately after selection (there will be no user-facing notification of the upload process, except for browsers like Chromium). When it is finished you will receive a notice about the completion.

After the video has uploaded, it will begin the conversion process. When the conversion process is complete, it will be shown in the gallery. I'm looking forward to seeing what people upload, and I hope it won't require additional moderation. Please respect copyright and avoid obscene or adult content.

When .webm tools become mature enough, I'll be converting all of the videos to that and waiting for the players to catch up before dropping the Ogg Theora versions. Keep in mind that this is mostly an experiment for me, and I make no guarantees that videos uploaded will be stored or available for any length of time or with any quality of service.