Wage Determination

by Stephen Fluin 2004.05.13
A person's wage should not be determined by a perceived value, or even how much someone needs to live, instead, a person's wage should be determined based on the value it attributes to society. This makes sense because then everyone would be paid a fairer wage, and it would be easy for people to be able to move up in society, by simply offering more. Although many people say this is impossible. It is possible and it will be the eventual/ideal system. A country's GDP is based on how much productive work is done in the country, and if it was gauged accurately it would grow because of increases in population, and increased efficiency within the global or national economic system. If this was an accurate representation and wages were dealt fairly, someone would be able to earn a higher wage when they improved themselves because their improvement would increase the GDP. It would only increase the GDP by a very very small amount, but it would be equivalent to how much they had improved. This type of system advocates hard-work and incentive based wage systems and would benefit society greatly.