The Networked and Shared Life

by Stephen Fluin 2007.05.03
I believe that we are entering the next generation of lifestyle. This new generation goes beyond the computer-centric life where people sit at computers all day, where you have a digital profile and a digital life that follows you around. Using web services such as IMAP email or Google Calendar along with a Flash USB drive, whatever computer or device you sit down at, you immediately have access to all of your files, applications, and settings. Personally, I am using a EXT2 file system to access two of my most frequently used programs (Firefox and Thunderbird) from two separate operating systems. Yesterday I was able to set up Thunderbird to share my calendar via a service provided by Google. In the next few weeks I hope to put my Firefox profile somewhere on the internet so regardless of the operating system or location of the computer I use, I have instant access to the way I work. I believe this will truly be the next killer app for computers, and in order to support this, I have registered the domain name (pronounced "my stuff") which I hope to use to further these digital life goals.