The Best Cross-Platform G+, Facebook, Twitter Tool

by Stephen Fluin 2012.04.19

For a few months now I have been looking for a tool that would allow me to, in one fell-swoop, make a single post to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. When I take time to put together quality content, I want to share it equally among my networks. For some reason, for my social connections, there is very little overlap between G+ and Facebook. All of my friends that use G+, use it exclusively. All of my Facebook friends (of which there are more acquaintances than g+) avoid G+ like the plague.

In the end, what I discovered was that the best tool is just to DO IT YOURSELF. I probably spent around 3-4 hours researching and trying out different tools. Many of the tools were too invasive, and required extensive permissions to all of my accounts (such as G++ accessing my information on Facebook when I wasn't using the application), others were too slow, or didn't cross-post things like links, which are recognized very well by both g+ and Facebook in different ways.  In the end, the total amount of time I spent researching this far surpassed any time I will need to spend cross-posting for the next year or two.

To take a single post, and then copy and paste it between two social networks which you are already using, takes around 15 seconds, and you achieve a far better experience by maintaining control of your content, and by being able to leverage the native capabilities of the network.