The Act of Balancing

by Stephen Fluin 2004.11.14

-Two weaknesses leaning together create a strength. Therefore the half of the world leaning against the other half becomes firm.- A statement taken from the notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, notes of philosophy. Perhaps this statement seems a bit out of date. In reality, however, it can be used as a metaphor for more than just the thought of the earth supporting its own weight. And, perhaps, even more than when two people lean against each other's back and find support to sit up. There are many that will maintain that all human being are weak creatures, whether they are tempted by treats or money or the thought of attaing impossible dreams. Humans are also seen as weak, poor of character, easily corrupted, lonely creatures that need constant care. Hence the term 'misery loves company.' But when two humans come together and find strength in one another, it seems to prove Da Vinci's theory. Granted, it is something that humans should know by now. Ballads and songs and stories and poems have been created by numerous artists for thousands of years celebrating love and the joining of two human minds. And yet, it seems, our kind is always amazed when they see love for the first time, or fall in love themselves, at how life seems just a little easier, or at least worth living with live in their life. Say a person is highly creative, and always coming up with fiery ideas and hot-shot projects, but they lack the ability to follow through till the end. Their partner, who can be their balance, can help give them the inspirational boost they need, give talks of support and acts of caring. Perhaps they might even go as far as to pick up the slack the other is falling under. A balance. Two college friends who share a dorm are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, adding new and better insights into their homework, and discover their own meaning of life. The idea that two weaknesses leaning together creating a strength is indeed a powerful idea. Knowing this, perhaps we humans can start to apply it to other areas as well, and find ways to fix the weakness in our own lives, or the lives of those around us, by adding in another than can balance it and create harmony. Now it's your turn to do your own musings on the subject.