Tagging coming to MortalPowers

by Stephen Fluin 2009.04.10

Tagging is almost a ubiquitous concept on the modern internet. Tagging allows a program to begin to understand some of the semantics of the information. The article catalog of this site is beginning to become substantial, and currently the only way to browse historic articles is to go through them sequentially by date, or use a google search. The need that I see is for browsing by tag and topic, and for the ability to search the site.

I will post updates about the progress and implementation of tagging as it continues. I will probably use a tagging model combining Delicious and F-Spot, meaning that every article will have several tags applied to it, each tag will be a single world, and tags will be categorized and grouped into a hierarchy.

I am undecided on the concept of single-word tagging as a whole. It seems that it would provide the computer with more information to cross reference, but at the same time, you lose the ability to indicate more specific concepts like "computer monitor" vs. "monitor" "computer". The former case wouldn't match other articles with computers, but the latter case would match "monitoring" in the context of watching a process or system.