[Solved] Chrome Cordova Apps (cca) stuck on version 0.0.8

by Stephen Fluin 2014.04.26

Chrome Cordova Apps (cca) is a way for you to build Android, iOS applications from a standard Chrome App. This is the story of how my version got stuck, and what I did to fix it.

I operate Ubuntu 14.04 and at some point my cca package got stuck at 0.0.8 (the current version being 0.0.9). It seemed like no combination of npm install -g cca or npm update -g cca or npm uninstall -g cca had any effect, the binary was still present and represented the old version.

I followed the code a little bit and found that the old version was being installed to /usr/local/lib/node_modules, so I blew this folder away, and then tried installing cca again. This time cca was installed successfully and I was on the latest version.