Remedial / Advanced Help

by Stephen Fluin 2004.05.11
The question has arisen as to whether our public school system should put its efforts to bringing up the worst of students, or towards allowing the best of students to progress and excell to their own potential. Public School should support the advanced students over the remedial students. Most often remedial or slower students choose to be that way for socialiological reasons instead of a lack of potential, so even with special programs, they will not be helped. Also, by choosing to help remedial students, the bulk of advanced students will be limited unless they develop the ability to teach themselves from an early age, which is very difficult to do. Our society will be fine in its place in society as long as there are many semi-educated people with a few intelligent people, instead of everyone having a mediocre education. Also by choosing to help the advanced students, students in the middle of the system also have something to be envious and work towards, because being in the accelerated and desireable state would be supported as a positive role.