Recent Gitosis Web Work

by Stephen Fluin 2010.03.15

Last night I performed a bit of work on Gitosis Web. These recent modifications can be found in the Gitosis Web GitHub project profile. The most recent work was related to the reliability. When I started, the system was not able to make changes to the config file, and the key file deletion wasn't working properly.

The changes pushed resolve both of these issues. The first bug was resolved by fixing the variable scoping in a function.

What's next?

Hopefully soon I will be able to add non-administrator user authentication. The idea is that users with usernames and passwords listed in the configuration file will be able to add new keys, associate existing keys with their user, and remove keys from their user. I'm not sure if I want to allow users to delete keys from the filesystem, but one good way I could do it would be to allow deletion of the filesystem, if the user is the only person using that key.