Path Shutting Down Operations

by Stephen Fluin 2012.12.28

Path, the social timeline company that integrates 3rd party social media feeds to create a timeline of your activities announced it was shutting down yesterday. I say this facetiously, but it's almost true. Over the last 24 hours, Facebook contacts from my Facebook account connected to Path began receiving unwanted and intrusive text messages on their cell phones reminding them to join path on my behalf.

This is alarming because I never approved or allowed anything of the sort. Nor was I notified this would happen or asked if this was acceptable. Text message spam is NOT OKAY, and if Path is going to send it on our behalf, it's not going to last very long. Path is violating common internet decency and is going to experience a huge backlash for these activities.

I shut down my path account using the mobile app by first disconnecting it from 3rd party social media sites (such as Facebook), and then scrolling to the bottom where they offer a "Deactivate" option. Hopefully this will be enough.