My Geek Life Part 01

by Stephen Fluin 2010.05.10

As part of living as a geek, I'm going to attempt to document my geek life. I'm going to try to document the set of technology I use, the set of services I use, and how and why I use them. Hopefully others can use this to discover peculiarities in my workflow that can improve their own. I'm going to try to do this in a single document, but time will guide me as to whether I need this to be a wiki-style document, or whether it isn't worth my time at all.

The general guidelines I'm going to attempt to follow are as outlined above:

  1. Technology I use - What is it? Do I use Chromium, or Chrome, or the nightly builds, or the releases from Canonical, or the version in the SUSE repositories?
  2. How I use it - Do I use pandora every day, do I launch it via a command line script or just bring it up in the browser?
  3. Why I use it - How did I begin using it, why do I use this rather than the alternatives?

I also see several general categories of technologies I use on a daily basis. These categories include hardware (what physical devices do I have in my home or at work), software (pieces of code that run natively on my computers), services (services, storage, etc granted to me by 3rd parties).

But why catalog this information?

The thinking behind this is that I often see "top 10 android apps" or "what to do after installing ubuntu" guides. This should serve as a guide to myself in case I ever suffer a catastrophic loss. It will serve as an insight into me as a technology user. Finally, it will hopefully give others some good ideas about applications to use and workflows to adopt.

I'll be maintaining the document as My Geek Life.