My First Experience with Cyanogen Mod

by Stephen Fluin 2009.10.11

After JesusFreke stopped providing ROMs in August, I have been looking for a good replacement for my Android phone. I recently discovered Cyanogenmod, and after much research and planning, I decided to give the install a try.

My Install Steps

  1. visit in the browser
  2. Install the app
  3. Open the App
  4. Tap "Backup Recovery Image"
  5. Tap "Flash Cyanogen Recovery 1.4
  6. Power off phone
  7. Start up with Home and Power
  8. Perform Nandroid backup
  9. home+back to reboot
  10. copy 3 files to sd card root
  11. power off phone
  12. start up with home and power
  13. apply any update from zip file
  14. choose: signed-dream
  15. apply any update from zip file
  16. choose: update-cm
  17. go to console.
  18. run "fix_permissions"
  19. run "reboot"
  20. wait a billion years

My Results

error after error after error, phone doesn't work, apps don't work, infinite loop of android errors.

Recovery and Attempt Number 2

  1. Reboot in recovery mode
  2. Select restore more recent backup
  3. Reboot
  4. Woot! Everything seems to work again!
  5. Check Apps2SD settings and move some of the more important apps off of SD Card
  6. Uninstall JF Updater
  7. New Nandroid backup
  8. Attempt #2