Logitech Revue will Break your Google TV

by Stephen Fluin 2011.08.08

Recently a preview release of Google TV for the Logitech Revue was released. This preview has some exciting components. This release is based on Android 3.1 and includes the Android Market. This preview leak isn't a hacked version, and doesn't require root or any customization to work. Simply download and unzip the package, place it on the root of a flash drive and restart the Google TV, it will automatically update your device.

Overall, the only improvement provided by the update is that it will allow you to preview the upcoming release. There are many downsides and I recommend you Don't download and install it as there is currently no stable release, and no way to downgrade your device.

You will be able to browse the internet, and see the new new settings. Beyond that, NOTHING works.