Logic and Emotion

by Stephen Fluin 2007.06.04
Often in the course of life, humans tend to go into an autopilot mode where they do not examine themselves, and they often let their emotions direct their actions. This includes numerous things such as depression, addiction, purchasing things on a whim, and a plethora of other common behavior. The problem with these courses of behavior is that they are directed by our lower more short-term goals of pleasure. One of the strongest distinguishing marks between humans and less evolved species is our ability to make long term plans that better our own lives (better in the sense of more capable of experiencing all of the things life has to offer), as well as better the lives of those around us, and society as a whole. It is possible to turn around depression and other sorts of emotion-centric life simply by turning to the logic of the world, and thinking about the situation. True happiness for humans comes from the achievement of goals, as opposed to the momentary pleasure that comes from bending to emotions.