Instantatneous Universal Communication

by Stephen Fluin 2005.11.13
Although many people believe that the speed of light (c) is unchangeable, universal, and that faster than light (FTL) travel is impossible because of "implications of causality", I do not agree. I believe that Einstein was wrong. I believe that if one picks an absolute point of reference (assume the existence of one), the physics that everyone observes (assuming they know their velocity relative to the absolute point of reference) will be the same. But regardless of the truth or falsity about FTL communication based on motion, it is possible because of gravity. It is commonly accknowleged that the old equation equating energy and matter is true, and that they are virtually the same thing. They are not the same, because matter causes gravitation. This is not completely understood, but it is universally observed. I believe that if we could more effectively measure gravity, and more effectively control shifts between matter and energy, we could instantly communicate between any two points in the universe by converting matter to energy or vice versa, as a sort of signal that could be simultaneously be observed by the second point, anywhere in the universe.