Immorality in the Churches

by Stephen Fluin 2004.04.03
Many people look at foreign religions as immoral, such as with religions like atheism, or like the absense of religion with atheism. In no way does an affiliation to either of these groups, or any like them indicate immorality. Morality can only be seen on a person-by person basis because even the most "holy" of catholic priests have committed immoral acts. Someone's actions, immoral or moral, can never be tied to their religion. As for Atheists, they find their morality and the will to do good things in a Hobbesian self-interest. They benefit themselves because they are part of humankind. This could include such things as improving the standard of living for all, or curing diseases, or an infinite amount of other good works that will be done by people with no religious motivation to do so.