Google Releases new Communication Tool: Google Buzz

by Stephen Fluin 2010.02.10

Recently released as a part of Gmail, Google Buzz combines some of the features from twitter, facebook, gmail, and google wave into a new form of communication. When I launched gmail early this afternoon, I was greeted with an introduction to Buzz. From there it told me that I was already following 22 people, only one of which had posted anything. My first actions were to make a post, and to connect Google Buzz with "my activities on other sites", which I did with, and It somehow began importing articles from the RSS feeds of both sites. It says it only looks for my activities on connected sites, but I doubt it has that level of intelligence. It's hard to test though, as I am typically the sole poster on both sites.

The confusing thing is that everything Google Buzz does is already possible on a plethora of other sites. It will be interesting how it differentiates itself, or if it simply complicates and confuses the wide landscape of social tools already in use by the masses.