Google IO Gift List 2012 - What's coming?

by Stephen Fluin 2012.02.17

Despite having no official registration date or information, I'm still extremely excited to attend. Part of me wants to see the show in person, meet the other developers, talk to Googlers, and live among those attending one of the hottest spots of innovation and technology around. Another part of me wants to attend simply for the gifts. The final part of me, with the announcement that there will be a coding competition for Google IO 2012, wants to prove myself as an adept developer and contributor to the world software ecosystem.

I've got the dates booked on my calendar already, and I'm checking the news feeds daily regarding news, and even going so far as to reach out to Googler's on Google+, but I have heard nothing so far. I'm frightened that I will miss the event like I did last year. In 2012, I found out about the registration 67 minutes after it had started. Unfortunately for me, tickets sold out in just 52 minutes, meaning I was 15 minutes too late to get a ticket. I'm was determined last year to attend, but I'm redoubling my efforts this year to ensure I'm able.

Past Google IO Gifts

In the past, Google has created a trend of gift-giving some of the latest technology. Here's a list of the past years' gifts.

2008 - 0 Gifts Google IO started in 2008, giving attendees only words and presentations regarding technology.

2009 - 1 Gift Attendees received an HTC Magic smartphone.

2010 - 2 Gifts Attendees received a Nexus S before the show, and an HTC EVO 4G during the show.

2011 - 3 Gifts Attendees received a Chromebook, a Galaxy Tab 10.1, and a Verizon Hotspot.

2012 - ?4 Gifts? It is unlikely the trend will continue, but with the increase of focus on developer attendence rather than open enrollment, there is likely to be some type of technology-centric gifts.