Google Fails to Deliver Again With Google IO 2013

by Stephen Fluin 2013.03.13

Google IOThis morning at 7:00AM PDT registration opened for Google IO 2013. With tens of thousands of potential attendees slamming the site. The lottery system used by Google since last year (and expanded and improved this year) seems to still failed to meet expectations.

Thousands of users are reporting that while they were awarded a ticket, Google Wallet failed to load in time to complete the transaction, resulting in a frustrating experience, reminiscent of Google's recent launches of the Nexus 10, Nexus 4, and their terrible history of launching accessories.

What is Google thinking? At their scale, these types of web applications should be no problem. If you are going to run a true lottery system instead of first-come first-served, then just take submissions over a week, pick the winners, and let them know. There's no reason to run a real-time lottery if it doesn't work for most of your applicants.

I'm one very frustrated Google ecosystem developer.