Galaxy S II BlackEdition Troubles

by Stephen Fluin 2012.04.17

For the past week or so I have been running my SGS-T989 on the Ice Cream Sandwich rom called BlackEdition. This ROM takes the ICS hardware support from the Galaxy S II Skyrocket currently available on AT&T, and ports it back to our SGS II -T-Mobile. While it's very exciting to get access to ICS, the speed, the data monitor, and most of all, access to Chrome on my phone. There are still a few issues.

Media Scanner Issues

The media scanner in this kernel has some sort of major malfunction, as it will not stop scanning. What this means for me, is that the phone never goes into a proper sleep, and my battery just gets shredded to bits. As in, less than 6 hours from fully charged to dead. It also makes charging super-slow, so it's almost better to turn my phone off to charge.

Wifi Tether Issues

Initially when I went into the Android Settings to turn on the Wifi-Tether on which I have grown completiely reliant, the setting would not turn on. After experiementing and trying all of the different configuration options, I gave up. A few days later, I noticed that there was a configuration toggle in the top bar of the notification pull-down. I tried it out, and lo-and-behold, there was the Wifi-Tether that I had been hoping for so strongly. It now works great, although combined with the Media Scanner Issue, my battery can be shredded to bits in an hour or two.

ACore Issues

About once every 20 or so minutes of use, the android core process will stop, freezing my entire phone, and preventing any operation for about 8-9 seconds.  While not actually losing any work, or preventing me from being effective, it's very annoying.