Follow up to Dual Monitors on Ubuntu

by Stephen Fluin 2009.03.19

I received a few responses to my article on: How to get dual monitors in Ubuntu with NVIDIA, and I wanted to post a followup.

  1. What about Twin View? - My article was based on my experimentation over the past 2-5 years with Linux and X, but after some recommendations, I have tried TwinView again, and I found it works great in some situations. TwinView allows compiz, and reduced the memory consumed by X on my machine by over 400MB. TwinView will not work however, if you are using multiple video interfaces, where there is one or more non-NVIDIA card.
  2. TwinView still has some problems - For example, if I load UT2004 under Xinerama, it loads properly into only one of my monitors. If I load the game under TwinView, the fullscreen mode centers a 1280x1024 screen across both of my monitors. I only want the game to use one screen, but the only way of accomplishing this is to use Windowed mode after hiding the top window bar as well as my panels.
  3. X is easy without these instructions - Monitor, video card, and general ease of configurability in Linux has come a long way over the past 5 years. I wrote this article because almost every machine I have begun working with did not correctly detect and support dual monitors without manual installation of drivers and running of configuration.