ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S II - T-Mobile SGS-T989

by Stephen Fluin 2011.10.30

Last week I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S II. After a week of usage of the stock ROM and root-less capabilities, I was finally ready to root my device. The process for the Galaxy S II is pretty straightforward still. Unfortunately this install requires a Windows machine. At the same time, it has been the most error-free install I've seen to date. The process involves flashing the new recovery using Odin, then using ClockworkMod to install SU.

Most of the instructions from work great. All of the files that you will need are there. The only additional step that I had to take was after rebooting my phone with the USB cord plugged in, the Phone asked me if I was willing to install custom software. I had to press volume up to agree to install custom software. After that, Odin proceeded perfectly. I was then able to boot into ClockworkMod, take a Nandroid backup (After I installed an required SD card), and install the SU zip file.