Chromium Bookmark Sync

by Stephen Fluin 2009.12.11

For a while now, there has been a small option in the Chromium browser's settings menu with the label "Bookmark Sync". Until today for me, this options has always been disabled. Research into why indicated that the bookmark sync was only for the Windows version of Chromium. It seems that with one of the most recent updates this has been remedied, and the bookmark sync features is available for everyone.

How it Works

Select this button from the menu, or click on the link at the bottom for the screen on the "New Tab" page. It will pop open a new window asking you to log into your google account. Google Bookmark sync is built on top of Google Docs, actually storing your bookmarks as a document there.

As stated by the Data Liberation Front, "The export format for Chrome's bookmarks is HTML containing all the folders and links to the bookmarks. This is a standard format that is used by other popular browsers, making importing to another browser easy." Although I question whether or not Internet Explorer will be able to export/import this format, this isn't really an issue for me, so I'm not worried.

There is always a concern about giving another company more and more of your data, and Google's data privacy policies are most likely going to become a huge point of contention for people in the next 2 year as the company tries to monetize every piece of information about yourself that you give them. For now they make great products that make life easier, with the potential for future abuse.