Chrome for Android Released

by Stephen Fluin 2012.02.07

Today marks the launch of Google Chrome Beta for Android. This marks a reunion between Google's two main content delivery platforms, Google Chrome, and Android. Historically building and targeting one of these platforms nearly completely excluded the alternative platform. Today's release has not changed this yet, but this is a path along the way. To have a true reunion, Google Chrome for Android needs to support the Chrome Web Store and web apps. Doing so would allow companies and individuals to produce quality HTML5-driven applications, and connect them natively to mobile devices, in the same way they do with native applications published in the Android Marketplace.

This matches one step along a path described in My Prediction from January 2011, although my timing was off by more than a year. This also marks a key hallmark of modern technology, and an extension of the core idea of cloud computing. Whatever device, computer, screen, interface I start interacting with should automatically know who I am, what I have done and what I want. Being able to access your computer's tabs on your phone, in combination with tools like Chrome to Phone and NFC is going to make 2012 feel a lot more futuristic.

Download Chrome Beta for Android