Building Quality Organic Backlinks

by Stephen Fluin 2010.06.01

Something I have been struggling with for the past few months is the concept of building additional backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites that refer to your content. These links will bring visitors as well as authority to your site.

The best guide I have found on this comes from Matt Cutts at Google. He breaks the techniques down as the following:

  • Build Great Content - Filling your site with quality content that is useful or interesting will bring users and traffic.
  • Controversy - Discussing or making assertions causing or surrounding content can attract links, but can end up hurting your relationships with other people or sites.
  • Participate in the Community
    • Answer Questions
    • Help Other People
  • Original Research - If you spend time to produce research on or to understand a new topic, or an old topic with a new approach, your content will be unique and will attract new users and traffic.
  • Newsletters - Make it easier for your existing content to be delivered to users.
  • Social Media - Connect to the people in the places where they spend their time.
  • Present or Give Speeches - Giving a speech or lecture as an expert on a topic will drive traffic to the web content you have produced.
  • Create How-Tos - Very specific how-to's can help save you and others future time, and can match up well with people looking for these answers. Having a resource that no one else has is extrmely useful.
  • Make a Product or Service - Solving a problem will help bring people to you, as well as contribute back to the community and the world.
  • Have Good Site Architecture - Being able to crawl and bookmark your site ensures people will find it easy to link to your site and your content.
  • Make Videos - Simply talking to a camera can add personality and value and entertainment to your visitors.