5 Things I Learned Today

by Stephen Fluin 2011.09.09

In honor of Arya Stark's effort to learn three new things every day, here is a list of 5 things I learned today.

XBMC - The Historic default scraper for the Music Video content type was disabled. You now need to install the Yahoo Scraper for XBMC to support Music Videos. This was done because of a drop of support in the old API from MTV.

ls: No such file or directory. - This error when running LS indicates filesystem corruption. This means that the filesystem must have fsck run on it when not mounted. Unfortunately for me, Android does not come with a version of fsck, so to repair this issue on my Android's internal partition, I would have to wipe the device. The symptom that lead me to find this problem was that the filesystem is reporting that I am using 170MB / 171MB of space on the /data/data partition, despite only having 130MB of files on the partition.

yaffs2 vs ext4 - In stock Android builds, Gingerbread marked a shift from yaffs2 to ext4. The reasons behind this move aren't entirely clear, except that ext4 has more features and is a newer technology. CyanogenMod 7 does not ship with ext4 for most of the partitions because of poor support for flash devices being represented as block devices in Linux.

Change SCM Repository in Redmine - Once you have set the SCM repository in Redmine, such as a Git repository connected to Redmine, the field becomes disabled, making it very difficult to change the configuration or connect a project to a different repository. The secret I learned here is that to change the connection, one must delete the Repository in Redmine. This does not destroy the repository itself, only the connection and the caching performed by Redmine.

HighCharts (http://www.highcharts.com/) doesn't work for small charts - When using the HighCharts javascript library for creating interactive charts, if you attempt to make a chart very small, such as 200px x 200px, the chart will render fine, but the tooltips will be clipped at the edge of the container, rather than displaying the entire tooltip in the available space outside of the container element.